Mad Pack

Beantown MadPack Updated to 1.3.1!

Hey Folks,

Go ahead and update your clients, we are now on 1.3.1! Let me know if you run into any issues, here is the changelog:


Added air_overhaul_1.6.4_1.0.0_BETA
Added ATG-1.6.4-0.9.4
Added Clearly_Just_Ore_1.6.4_1.0.0_BETA3
Added Evoc_1.0.0a
Added SpecialAI 1.0 PRE for MC 1.6.4
Added Thaumcraft4.1.0e
Added ThaumicTinkerer 2.3-130
Added ThaumicTinkererKAMI_j6
Added MineTweaker-1.6.4-2.3.1
– Good for serveradmins
Updated Artifacts-162-0123
Updated ChickenChunks
Updated CodeChickenCore
Updated CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4-
Updated EnderIO 1.6.4-
Updated DartCraft Beta 0.2.17
Updated EnderStorage
Updated ExtraUtils to 1.0.3a
+ Added: Ender quarry
+ Added: Generators
+ Added: FMP Fences
+ Added: FMP Pipe jackets
Updated ForgeMultiPart to 1.6.4-
Updated LycanitesMobsComplete 1.4.6 [1.6.4]
– Added 4 new monsters
Updated QuarryPlus-1.6.4-1.0.3
Updated Galacticraft-1.6.4-
Updated Galacticraft-Planets-1.6.4-
Updated MicdoodleCore-1.6.4-
Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion to 1.4.1
Updated industrialcraft-2_2.0.386-experimental
Updated BiblioCraft[v1.5.5]
Updated EquivalentExchange3-1.6.4-
Updated NotEnoughItems
Updated Translocator
Updated TinkerConstruct 1.6.4_1.5.3
– Now with Exo Armor
Updated TMechworks_mc1.6.4_0.1.4.2
Updated Minecraft Comes Alive to 3.6.0 MC-1.6.4
Updated neiaddons-mc164-
Updated Reliquary-1.1.2b
Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.5
– Added a radio
Updated OpenMobsLib 0.2
Updated mapwriter-1.6.4-2.0.17
Updated magical_crops to 1.6.4_3.2.0_BETA_16
– Magic Hoe now infinite durability
– Added Arcane fences
– Added Juicer and 9 different juice
– New Food
– Added ThaumCraft crops
– Added Uranium Crops
– ForceGems And Certus Quartz from MagicalCrops should now work better.
– New Epic Infused Armor
– Magic Fertilizer now needs Natura Essence
Updated LomLib-universal-1.1.0
Updated Equivalency-universal-1.6.1.jar
Updated Waila to 1.5.1a
– Support for MagicalCrops Growth %
– Support for Openblocks Tanks
Updated WR-CBE


Optifine & MadPack

For those interested, I went ahead and downloaded every version of Optifine HD since 1.5, trying to get it to play nice with MadPack.  Only versions that work are Optifine 1.6.4 HD C6 & Optifine 1.6.4 HD U C6 (Ultra).  I got the best performance boost out of the Standard Version, but feel free to play with it yourself! (Just drag & drop in your mods folder… Don’t do anything fancy)