Rojamahorse’s Beantown MadPack Server

Welcome to our Beantown Mad Pack Server site! Click on our Images, Posts, & Tutorials link up top to see the latest and greatest Showcases, Comments, & Walkthroughs!

Here’s a little info about our Server:

We are a relaxed Survival Mode MadPack based server based in Boston, MA (hence ‘beantown’). Our Server is now Whitelisted, if you REALLY REALLY want in for some reason, please Message me.  Before applying, please keep in mind, although we are an MCPC+ server and use many Bukkit Plug-ins for increased stability, we do not make use /sethome, /back, or any other features like that.  We try to keep this as hardcore as possible (without actually being hardcore).

Some Rules:

  • Respect others!
  • No cheats!
  • Lock your goods!
  • Let me know if you have something valuable and want me to set permissions on it!
  • NO GRIEFING! aka no destroying other people’s shit!
  • Stealing from unlocked chests is permitted but frowned upon!
  • Absolutely NO stealing from ME systems!
  • Build away from others please!
  • This is the Mad Pack! No whining when you die! No teleports! No crying to Admins, in fact pretend there is NO Admin!!!
  • DISCLAIMER please keep in mind, this is a privately run server, there will be downtime! There will be bugs! That being said I’ll do my best to keep things running as smoothly as possible while saving your schematics and .dat files as best I can!
  • If you break any of the rules you will be jailed, punched in the face, banned, or worse… I’ll throw you in a box unarmed with 15 Jousts (if you’ve played the Mad Pack you know how awful that would be, or I’ll stick a finger up your butt, or something offensive like that…

Our Rankings are:

  • Squire – Guest Members
  • Knights – Trusted Members
  • Kings – Moderators
  • Deity – Administrators

The guys founding our server are mostly in their early 30′s all college buddies from the New England area, we have a good sense of humor and are looking to invite more of the same to join us in our antics and building.  Join us if you are looking to make some new friends and/or just want to have a good time!



  1. I’m very interested in joining this here server. I can’t seem to find any mad pack servers for whatever reason i guess the pack might not be as popular as i thought it to be? but yes I am very interested

  2. I have been looking for a madpack server. I’m in my late 30s as well. I just got very involved with the madpack and loving it. Please I’d appreciate it if I was able join u guys in some madpack fun. Thank you.

  3. Hey Guys i would be very interested in Joining i have played a lot on private servers and have vast experience, im 29 and Irish, I play all time zones.

  4. Hey guys, I am super interested in joining your server, I cant find a good Madpack Server for the life of me, and this one seems nice.!

    1. Hi WolfKnight,
      Apologies for the delay, Please send me an email with the following info to

      Minecraft Skill Level (1-10):
      How did you find out about us?:
      Favorite Comedy Movie:
      Favorite TV Show:

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