Month: March 2014

GregTech Addition!

Hi Folks,

    Its official, the polls have spoken, we had 13 voters and Gregtech won 13-1 (3 didn’t care either way)… well technically 13-2 if you count WifeIsMad being a big baby about it, but his opinion doesn’t count anyway.  Welcome to hell!
All you need is to download this file, and drop it in your mods folder, Kehaan already sets up configs so everything should be working just fine.  We will be giving it a 2 week trial, if we all hate it we can go back to vanilla Madpack but I think it’ll be a pretty cool challenge.  Please send your gripes directly to me and as always no whining on the server 🙂
Good luck out there!
Place the file in ATLauncher/Instances/TheMadPack/mods/
No configuration necessary, any issues feel free to hit me on Skype @ Rojamahorse

Want an Extra Challenge?

Hi Folks,

    I was looking through the changelogs and found the following:
GregTech config files updated to the newest and last 4.0.8s version
I did a bit of digging and it looks like Kehaan actually makes config files for GregTech for people that want to add the extra Tech.  
So my question to you is, would you like an extra challenge?  I figure I would poll you guys and see what your opinions are.
Don’t Care
To install all you would need is to drop the GregTech mod file in the mods folder
Here is a little added info about GregTech and what it has to offer:
GregTech is an add-on to IndustrialCraft2 which increases the IC2 techtree with 2 tiers. Many recipes of the lower tiers are re-balanced, like the Gregtech recipes for the Macerator, Mining Drill, Mass Fabricator as well as some method of powering all of these. This greatly increases the difficulty of gathering/creating more rare materials such as UU-Matter and Iridium. In order to reach the upper tiers you will need a huge amount of resources and you will need to find The End to exploit its unique ores.
GregTech also improves compatibility between IC2 and other mods, such as RedPower 2 and Buildcraft 3. GregTech adds several dozen more machines and multi-block structures.
Expanded Tech Tree +2 Levels
Added Challenge
Added Challenge
Would need to manually add the mod
Let me know via E-mail by Saturday @ Noon EST!

Our Sphax BDCraft MadPack 1.3.3 Resource Pack no longer a WIP!

Thanks to one of our newest members Marclalonde15 for facilitating & helping me complete this pack!  Its looking pretty solid, we have a couple gaps to fill but we will get there soon! I’m currently working on the Artifacts Textures, Check it out!!