Our Server is back Online: 1.6.4 BUT we are going private

We are now running The Mad Pack found using the ATLauncher, running 1.6.4.  Our server is now Whitelisted, if you are really REALLY interested in joining back up please send me a PM.



  1. idk how to PM exactly atm but im extremely interested in getting on this server as i have been looking fro one for a long time thx ign: Grampa_Expozure

    1. Hi thanks for your interest! I apologize for the late response, but I wanted to hold off until the latest release. We will be accepting people in the near future but I have some kinks to work out like adding some admin tools and grief prevention (just in case). I’ll let you know when we are ready to accept new people!

  2. i would like to join the server if possible 😉 i’ve been looking for a long time searching for a madpack server so it will be great to be in this one i love to build and have fun 😉 ign: fuglebjerg

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