And This is What Happens to Cheaters…

So when I first started up the server, I decided to give WifeIsMad13 (one of our founders) creative mode privileges to help me level out some land for our village and ‘clean’ things up a tad (with the agreement that he wouldn’t abuse this privilege of course).  What I learned very shortly after is that he’s a cheating bastard!  Anytime I ask him to help me with something he somehow finds his way into a project he should NOT be working on in Survival mode…

…. Today I was doing a little bit of digging and came across this little gem…

Filled amongst most of these chests were stacks upon stacks of Diamonds, Emeralds, Tools, TNT, and many other rare/forbidden blocks all stocked up for WifeIsMad13 to grab when needed.

So, here is what happens to cheaters….

And this, my friends, is what happens to cheaters… Hope you enjoy reading this post WifeIsMad13…

Best Regards,




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