Minecraft Beancraft Server

Welcome to our Minecraft Beantown Server wordpress site!  Soon to come, pictures of some of our epic creations, plugin information & reviews, cool custom textures and other Minecraft goodness…

Here’s a little info about our Server:

We are a relaxed Survival Mode/PVP Factions server based off of Eldaria V3 and a few other huge worlds. Feel free to mine, build a home, discover many of the cool imported castles (working on getting more Game of Thrones content in there) and basically do what you want. If you are a good member and build something cool, We are happy to do what we can to guard your plot of land, and even use MCedit to make a schematic of it so you can import it to your own world. Or if you have a schematic you want added we will do our best to import it.

Some Rules:

  • Respect others!
  • No cheats!
  • Lock your goods!
  • Let me know if you have something valuable and want me to set permissions on it!
  • NO GRIEFING! aka no destroying other people’s shit!
  • Stealing from unlocked chests is permitted but frowned upon!
  • Build away from others please!
  • Teleport requests will be considered, limited warps are available via signs with permissions. but you can set home or request us to set multiple homes for you (and there are a ton of portals to different locations hidden throughout)
  • If you break any of the rules you will be jailed, punched in the face, banned, or worse… Death by firing squad, or I’ll stick a finger up your butt, or something offensive like that…

Our Rankings are:

  • Squire – Guest Members
  • Knights – Trust Members (entitles you to an official house in one of our kingdoms or villages)
  • Kings – Moderators (most of which have their own castle)
  • Deity – Administrators (god-like powers, hover around and have full access to the worlds)

The guys on our server are mostly in their late 20’s, we have a good sense of humor and are looking to invite more of the same to join us in our antics.


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